NeatherRealm Shifts Focus to “Next Games” Though More MK 9 DLC a Possibility

Character rosters are an incredibly important part of a fighting game and the Mortal Kombat franchise is no exception. After creating a faithful reboot, Ed Boon and the rest of the guys at NeatherRealm Studios gave fans exactly what they wanted in the form of downloadable characters. While the team wants to shift their focus over to new titles, they can’t deny the consumer’s demand for more characters.

Speaking with GameRant, Ed Boon explained how their initial plan was to bring gamers a total of four downloadable characters, with the recently announced Freddy Krueger capping off the list. That however, may change based on the sheer popularity of this type of content.

Our original plan was to do four [characters] and I think it’s all kind of being dictated by a number of things. One is our team’s ability. Obviously, we want to start the next games and what not. And then also demand for it – you know, if it’s just this crazy, ridiculous, success then we have to at least entertain the idea. For the most part [reaction has been positive] and this is the first time we’ve done it, actually the first time that any fighting game has really had a real downloaded character that wasn’t on disc.

As far as what their next game is… or “games” for that matter, it’s pretty safe to assume that a healthy dose of more Mortal Kombat will be headed our way.