PlayStation Vita CPU Manufactured by Samsung

The hardware specifications of the PlayStation Vita have been a popular topic in the news this week. Earlier, we reported on a possible confirmation that the PS Vita has had its RAM reduced. Today, there is news about the PS Vita’s CPU, but don’t worry, it is still intact. Here’s a hint: it involves Moore’s Law.

The Semiconductor Industry News announced that Samsung will be manufacturing the CPU for the Vita using a 45 nm manufacturing process. The 45 nm process means that the processor uses transistors that are 45 nanometers, or .000000045 meters long. These type of devices are well established, as 45 nm processed devices started appearing in products in 2007 and 2008. The original PlayStation 3 had processors that weren’t manufactured with the 45 nm process, but the Cell Broadband Engine in the PS3 slim was manufactured using the 45 nm process. Intel has developed a new 32 nm manufacturing process, but processors retail for around $900, so it is reasonable that Sony would decide to pass on the technology.

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