Mass Effect 3 Will Be Played With Friends

The old days when a single-player experience could carry you through multiple games in a series seem to be passing us by, as one of the best single-player game series in recent memory will have multiplayer the third time around. Yes that’s right, Mass Effect 3 will feature some form of multiplayer.

This has been confirmed via the latest issue of Xbox World 360 Magazine, which has a feature on the multiplayer mode to be featured in Mass Effect 3. This mode will make its debut at gamescom later this month and will be playable at two UK trade shows in September.

Your guess is as good as ours on what this multiplayer mode could be, but some form of online/offline co-op would be very cool. What kind of mode do you, our readers, think the game should feature? Let us know in the comments along with how you feel about this series taking things multiplayer.