PS3 Sales in US Skyrocket Following Price Drop

It looks like the UK isn’t the only region where PS3 sales are taking off as a result of the price cut. Video game retail giant GameStop has recently reported impressive sales spikes in the US that indicate a very promising holiday season for Sony.

During the company’s quarterly earnings call, GameStop president Tony Bartel shared his enthusiasm for the increase in sales for both the 3DS and PS3 post price cuts.

In terms of recent trends, clearly, we’ve had two major events recently with the price drop on the 3DS and the recent price drop on the PS3 platform. That has seen a significant increase in the rate of sale of those platforms, as you would expect. So we see that as a good barometer for what is going to take place in terms of the installed base in the back half of the year.

Will the cheaper price of entry give the PlayStation 3 the boost it needs to further narrow the gap and eventually surpass the US’ 360-dominated install base? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.