Cross Game Chat #51 – It’s Very Matte

The guys are once again joined by community member Eric Ferreira to talk about the latest PlayStation news. Gamescom is behind us, so we will be talking about the biggest news, such as the announcement of Escape Plan, Gabe’s kind words for Sony, and the features for the PlayStation Vita. This week’s feature is about the next big revolution in the first-person shooter genre. Will it be better implementation of co-op? Will there not be any revolutions, and only small refinements? Listen in to this episode to find out what the guys think.

This Week’s News Topics

  • PS3 Now only $249 Read>>
  • Sony Says Cross Game Chat on PS3 Not Possible Read>>
  • PS Vita to Get Skype Read>>
  • Vita Ram is Uncut, Remains at 512 mb Read>>
  • PSP E1000 Read>>
  • All PS Vita Games Will be Available Digitally on PS Store Read>>
  • Valve Set on Increasing Play Value of Portal 2, Praises Sony Read>>
  • Insomniac Overstrikes with New Multiplatform Game Engine Read>>
  • Yoshida: The Last Guardian Development has been difficult Read>>
  • Escape Plan Revealed Read>>
  • inFamous 2: Festival of Blood Announced Read>>

Due to server issues with our streaming provider, the streaming service will not be available this week.

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Next week we are posing a hypothetical question to the listeners: What third party studio would you like to work on a PS3 exclusive and what kind of game would it be? You can come up with a completely new game or you could tell us what remake you would like to see on the PS3. Send in your thoughts to [email protected] or PSLifeStyle via Twitter. You can also watch a live recording of the podcast on weekends by visiting the forums, here.

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