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NISA to Shoot NA, EU with Black Rock

The Black Rock Shooter animated series was deemed popular enough to make the jump into video game territory this year, developed in Japan by Image Epoch. Under a simple, yet confusing, title to newcomers, Black Rock Shooter: The Game will hit Japanese shelves on August 25th. Today, NIS America has announced that it has acquired the game’s licensing rights in North America and Europe, with obvious intentions of localizing it.

Fans may have been wondering what was going on with this and other Image Epoch games, as NIS America made a big fuss about its new partnership with the Japanese developer back in December of 2010, but no games had yet been announced as a result. This is the first. Earlier this year, Image Epoch also released Final Promise Story, though it seems as though NISA might be passing that game up. We’ll see.

Check out Black Rock Shooter: The Game‘s official Japanese website here and dig some videos at this previous update.