Feeling Good Natured With Trine 2’s Vibes

A new trailer has released for Trine 2, entitled “Vibes”, which shows off the beauty of the new sequel while setting the general mood for the game.

Trine is a great puzzle platforming game which was already visually pleasing when it was released back in 2009, but Trine 2 is definitely set to up the ante.  The new “Vibes” trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but instead pans through different views of the beautiful environment we’ll adventure through when we return for another adventure with our three unlikely heroes. More lush jungle landscapes with greater detail than ever can be seen, along with more wonderfully crafted underwater views that seem to hint at more swimming in the sequel. Toward the end we even get a glimpse of a frozen, snow covered area, indicating our characters may be getting frosty later on.




Frozenbyte was also kind enough to include a brief update on their progress in a press release accompanying the trailer, explaining that their artists have completed work on the game, but the technical end will still require a few months for completion. This gave the artists a bit more free time to make this trailer, which Frozenbyte’s CEO, Lauri Hyvärinen, commented on:

We just love creating awesome videos and this one is special in many ways, reflecting the mood and feeling of what Trine 2 will offer.

She went on to explain how much longer we have to wait for a chance to play:

There is still a lot of work to do – our programmers are working hard to ensure that the game ships bug-free and that all of the gameplay features match the quality level we want. The game will be released once we have completed our work and the game has passed all the console-related quality assurance processes, so we are still a few months away. Ultimately we decided that we don’t want to rush things – our goal is to make Trine 2 one of the best if not the best downloadable game of 2011 and we’ll stick to that.

The game is still slated to release this year, which is great news for fans like me. However, you may remember that the original Trine suffered from a few hiccups getting through the QA process for console release, which delayed its release significantly. Hopefully they learned a few lessons from that experience and the final touches go more smoothly this time around. Either way, we’ll keep you posted when Frozenbyte updates us again on their progress with Trine 2.