Save on Sony’s Dual Pack Collections

We’re at always on the hunt for the best sales, and this time the deal is on a bunch of those dual pack collections released just last month!September sure seemed like the month of dual packs, with God of War, Uncharted, and Team Ico all releasing dual packs within mere weeks of each other. They’re all reasonably priced to begin with at $40, with each including two whole games instead of one, but getting them all quickly adds up, so why not save and get more? That’s what Best Buy is letting us do, by throwing $15 savings on all of them, and more. Besides the dual packs they’ve got a couple other sweet games at good prices, so check out the full list below.

Of course, these deals are a limited time only, and Best Buy hasn’t listed for exactly how long, so I’d hop to it and grab them while you can! Don’t forget either, SOCOM 4 requires an online pass, so even if you find it used for cheaper, you’ll probably still save in the long run by buying it new in this sale. Be sure to let us know too if you pick up anything good!