Resistance 3 v1.05 Patch Looks to Balance Multiplayer

Insomniac Games has been continually patching Resistance 3 as they aim to polish and balance the multiplayer environment. After seeing four patches in the first month of release, yet another patch is slated to be released – v1.05.

Tim Salvitti of Insomniac Games posted what will be changed in the next patch for Resistance 3, update v1.05. Below are the major changes noted:

  • Wildfire: We have made it so you have to lock on after each shot.
  • Chain Reaction: We have lowered the amount of time it take to take the final node (30sec down to 15sec I believe). After playing this it feels much better and doesn’t result in stalemates as much.
  • Leapers: We have reduced the number of leapers by one. ie- Level 1 is 2 leapers now. Level 2 is 2 leapers and 1 spitter.

The change to Chain Reaction will help battle the constant stalemates seen during play, while the Leapers change will be a pretty noticeable nerf for lower level players, but will help reduce the spam seen in games where nearly everyone has it equipped.

Patch v1.05 is on schedule to release during the middle of next week, so stay tuned!