PlayStation Network Trophy Cap Raised

Back in early September, hardcore trophy enthusiasts noticed that the Sony had capped the Trophy Level at 50 (1%), meaning that they were unable to rank any higher, despite unlocking more precious trophies.

Luckily, we have some good news for these few PlayStation masters – Sony has lifted the cap, allowing Level 50 PSN users to continue aiming for the top. User duck360 leads the pack, with the gamer (Update: the four users that share the account) currently at Level 57 (1%), with 15,947 Trophies and 319 Platinum Trophies (Update: although, they have admitted to hacking a few games). Close behind, user Hakoom is at Level 55 (51%), with 15,678 total Trophies earned, including 296 Platinum Trophies. If you plan on catching up, you might want to use our trophy guides to give yourself the upper hand.

We don’t know yet if there is another trophy cap, but will be sure to update you if one is discovered, but with the PlayStation Vita also set to support trophies, we hope Sony have set the bar high.

What’s your Trophy Level? Show off in the comments below.