Watch the Rainbow 6 Prototype Video

After the announcement of the often-rumored Rainbow 6 Patriots yesterday, Ubisoft have revealed the debut trailer. Interestingly, the trailer was never meant to be shown, but as the leaks and rumors spread, Ubisoft announced the game early.

The reason why the trailer wasn’t meant for the public is because it was a target video, developed internally as a target trailer, and doesn’t contain any actual game footage, so don’t get too attached to the looks:

Patriots is centered on modern-day terrorism, and the singleplayer campaign will be presented through multiple characters’ perspectives. In it, you battle the “True Patriots,” a group who wish to overthrow the US article by any means, and will have to make “tough ethical decisions” to win, as you saw in the trailer.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriot releases in 2013 on PS3, 360 and PC, which means that it may be some time until we see a true gameplay trailer.