Quick Fix for PS3’s Skyrim Problem

As we reported here, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been seeing its fair share of bugs and performance issues. One of the bigger problems specific to PS3 users seems to be that performance goes down as save file size goes up and playtime stacks into more hours. There is, however, a quick fix for this; it ain’t a patch, but it should get you by until there is one.

The performance decrease (frame rate drop, slowdown, and so on) is caused by the game not reloading the world as often as its predecessors did, so it’s keeping tabs on like, every single item’s current exact location. Naturally, the longer you play, the more stuff you’ve done and the more the game has to “remember.” This bogs down the system and eventually starts to use too much RAM.

So the solution for you PS3 users is to find a nice stopping point, save the game, quit, and reload. That will refresh your system and clear the game’s mind of those houses of bandits and out-of-the-way caves you decided to dive into; it would otherwise be keeping track of those places actively, no matter where you went. This remedy can’t solve all of the game’s problems, but for PS3 owners, it can take care of what has been the biggest issue so far.

Good luck and happy hunting, PS3 Skyrim fans.