PS3 FW v4.00 Adds UK English Language Support, Epilepsy Warning

November 29, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

While the main features of the newly released PS3 firmware update v4.00 may be Vita connectivity and more PS+ options, the update also includes a couple of smaller changes.

UK PS3 gamers will be happy to know that “UK English has been added as a system language”. Now, “If you set [System Language] to [English (United Kingdom)] you can play games with UK English Language British English.

Another new change is a startup warning for photosensitive epilepsy, which briefly appears when you switch on your PS3, asking you to be wary of seizures or other symptoms, and to check the instruction manual.

If you don’t have PS+, there is also a logo for it under PlayStation Network, which brings you to an option to buy the subscription service.

You can ‘now’ backup Vita data on your PS3, as well as connect to it via remote play. Players can also say whether they want to receive a friend requests or messages from people they don’t know through the privacy settings under Account Management.