PS3 Firmware v4.00 Out Now, Prepares Console for Vita Launch

November 29, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss


v4.00 is now live:

Original Story:

A new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 will launch later this week, bringing with it Vita connectivity and new control options for PlayStation Plus users.

Firmware version 4.00 will prepare the PS3 to serve as a content management device for the PS Vita, allowing users to copy their digital content such as games, music, photos, and videos between the Vita and the PS3 as well as back up PS Vita games including save data to your PS3 and update the system software for your PS Vita system using the online connectivity of the PS3.

PlayStation Plus members will also be able to enable or disable each of the following automatic update features:

  • Game patches
  • System software
  • Recommended games and videos
  • Sync trophy information

In addition, there will be new PlayStation Network settings for filtering friend requests and messages.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle to find out when the update is live, and if it has any other hidden features (Update: It does).