Obsidian “Not Exactly Sure” How ESRB Will React to South Park RPG’s Content

THQ and Obsidian Entertainment’s South Park RPG is based on the Comedy Central animated series of the same name. South Park has a tendency to have quite a bit of adult content in it, something that Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart is quite aware of. Urquhart recently spoke to Game Informer about the potential challenges of presenting the content to the ESRB and maintaining faithfulness to the show’s style of content.

Urquhart first commented about the type of content that needs to be included in a South Park game:

The first thing is this needs to be South Park, it needs to be outrageous, it needs to have crazy crap in it, it needs a lot of swearing, it needs a lot of children dying. Things that happen are just crazy.

Urquhart then said that Obsidian “wasn’t exactly sure how the ESRB is going to react to a lot of these things,” before emphasizing that the priority was to be faithful to South Park first. He added:

If we have problems, then we’ll deal with them. The goal is, let’s not restrict ourselves right now. Let’s make it South Park, make it nuts, then, as they say, cross that bridge when we come to it.