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Square Enix Hack: 1.8 Million Accounts Compromised

The recent hack on Square Enix’s North American and Japanese “Members” site may have led to 1.8 million accounts being compromised. One million of those accounts are for the Japanese site with the remaining 800,000 belonging to North America accounts, the publisher revealed to the media today.

As Square Enix reported earlier, the actual amount of damage done by the hack is still unknown. While credit card information was not stored on the server, the intruders did gain access to customer’s names, addresses and phone numbers.

The company re-issued its warning to those affected by the breach. Everyone who signed up for Square Enix Members should be wary of potential phishing scams that may arise from the whole ordeal.

We are yet to learn whether illegal access was gained to our clients’ information. But we have asked our customers to be aware of the incident in case they receive suspicious messages using our name.