Sony Attacks Vita Freezing and Software Issues with Firmware v1.51

Update: Unfortunately, there are numerous reports of the Vita still freezing and crashing despite the update. If you have problems, here’s a quick fix.

The PlayStation Vita has had its share of positive hype this year, especially after an extremely strong showing at E3, but reports of system issues have weighed down its release in Japan. But given Sony’s strong investment in the platform, firmware updates were immediately put into production, and now another one is available for install.

Sony has released firmware version 1.51 for the PlayStation Vita, which has come only a few days after the previous patch. The update is said to iron out freezing issues among other reported problems with the device. At only a few megabytes, it’s a must-have update that importers and Japanese early-adopters will want to get right away if they’ve experienced issues.

The PlayStation Vita won’t be out until February in the United States, and many are hoping the device is cleared of hardware and software issues before that launch date arrives. With weekly updates and two months to polish, that shouldn’t be much of a concern.