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PSP Action Games To Play While You Wait For The PS Vita

January 2, 2012Written by Rae Langdon

The PlayStation Vita has been all the rage these past few weeks, and you’ve probably seen the numerous reviews, previews and news posts we’ve made about Sony’s upcoming handheld. Are you a little envious of those who chose to import the Vita? Don’t be, because the PlayStation Portable still has a lot to offer, even if development for the platform never hit full steam.

There are a number of games on the PSP that are worth your time, so we’re going to run down the best games in the platform’s best genres over the next couple of days. We’re starting things off with what is probably the most popular – the Action Genre.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ghost of Sparta is actually the second portable God of War title but is by far the better of the two. Almost every element from the PS2 era GOW titles is present in Ghost of Sparta. There is no shortage of waves of enemies, puzzles and grandiose boss battles. The God of War franchise practically defined modern hack & slash and Ghost showed us that it could be pulled off even on the small screen.

Resistance Retribution

The Resistance franchise has typically been a first person affair, throughout the three console iterations. When it came time for the series to make the jump to the PSP, the first person perspective was cast aside in favor of a third person camera. Retribution boasted a rather lengthy single-player campaign as well as 8 player online multiplayer. As James Grayson you must help the British resistance traverse various European countries in order to destroy the main Chimera tower.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

Rockstar’s third PSP GTA title returns the series to its top down roots. For many GTA players, Chinatown Wars was the first time they had been exposed to the traditional gameplay that defined the series in the 1990s. But unlike those games, players can adjust the camera to their heart’s content. For a portable entry of a popular console franchise Chinatown Wars even included the then-recently released Rockstar Social Club. All of the virtual crime action you expect from the GTA series is present here. If you’re looking for GTA experience on the go that mixes the old with the new then Chinatown Wars is the obvious choice.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

What can be said about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker that hasn’t already been written? Hideo Kojima and the folks at Kojima Productions proved that you don’t need a full next generation console to tell a compelling story. Set after the events of Portable Ops, Peace Walker tells its story using stylized motion comics. The series’ stealth, espionage and optional heart pounding action are all accounted for. The game’s controls also showcased the versatility of the PlayStation Portable. Sure, using the face buttons to control the in-game camera can be a little off putting, but as a package Peace Walker proves that a full Metal Gear Solid experience is possible on a handheld.

What are some of your favorite PSP action games? We’ll be taking a look at several other genres over the course of the week, so stay tuned!