New Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz Trailer, Box Art, Summer Release Revealed

January 14, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

SEGA has released a new CGI trailer and the box art for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz for PlayStation Vita.

The trailer shows AiAi standing over a table, guiding his miniature self in a ball through a colorful tropical-looking environment and helping him to avoid dinosaurs. A yellow timer goes off and changes the miniature AiAi’s environment into an ancient temple-type area, with the miniature AiAi turning into GonGon. The timer goes off again and changes the environment into a town with a train going through it and GonGon transforms into Baby. The timer goes off yet again and the environment is transformed into a different town, with Baby turning into MeeMee. The timer goes off one more time and the fully grown AiAi finds himself inside the ball, with MeeMee shown to be in control and GonGon and Baby at her side. The trailer closes by saying that the game will be available in Summer 2012.

SEGA also made some brief announcements about the game:

  • Banana Splitz features use of both traditional controls and motion controls. Gameplay makes full use of the Vita’s dual analog sticks, as well as the front touch screen and rear touch panel.
  • As for multiplayer, players will be able to play with friends in up to four Wi-Fi enabled multiplayer modes.
  • Revamped classic games such as Monkey Target return and players can enjoy new additions to the series as well.

To view the extended CGI trailer for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz, click on the video below.

To see the game’s box art, see the image below:

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