Insomniac Says Resistance is Futile, Won’t Make More Games

January 26, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

Insomniac’s Resistance franchise will always have a special place in the hearts of PlayStation 3 owners, especially those who picked up their console around launch, when the only game worth playing was Resistance: Fall of Man. If you fit that bill, prepare to have your heart broken.

Insomniac CEO Ted Price told VG247 during an interview at Southern Methodist University’s Game::Business::Law Summit that they won’t be making any more Resistance games.

As a fan of the series and Insomniac, it pains me to hear this, but I do understand. Resistance 3 sold far below expectations for a third console-exclusive game in an established series, on a system that has a pretty large install base at this point. It sold even less than the original Resistance: Fall of Man, and was also the first game to introduce Sony’s PSN Pass.

Sony does own the Resistance IP, not Insomniac, and Resistance: Burning Skies is in development for the PlayStation Vita, so this certainly isn’t the end of the franchise, but it is the end of Insomniac at the series’ helm.