Vita Gundam Game Sorties to Japan This Spring

February 5, 2012Written by Heath Hindman

Gundam Seed Battle Destiny is on track to be the PlayStation Vita’s first Mobile Suit Gundam game, but fans will have to wait for it a little longer than originally expected. Game-aga magazine had reported a Japanese release date of March 29th, but has now confirmed that this was a misprint. Developer Artdink and publisher Namco Bandai have officially said nothing other than a vague “Spring 2012” launch time.

This game will continue to build upon the series that Artdink has been establishing on the PSP, and feature mobile suits from a long list of Gundam Seed sagas. Announced inclusions are: Gundam Seed, Seed Destiny, Seed C.E.73 Stargazer, Seed Astray, Seed X Astray, Seed VS Astray and Seed MSV.

The PSP has had a lot of success with its Gundam Battle games, so this is no doubt a highly anticipated release for a lot of Japanese gamers. Sony would probably also like to see it get out there and move a few more PSVs. There is not yet any news of an international release, but we’ll keep you up to speed.