How To Quickly Adjust Your Vita Screen’s Brightness

February 23, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

We’ve been asked “can you adjust the Vita’s brightness?” Thankfully, the answer is yes, and there’s even a shortcut.

Eric V emailed us:

Hey guys my Vita runs out of power quickly, can I make the screen less bright?

There are two ways to adjust the brightness. There’s the slow way – Settings, Sound & Display, Brightness. And then there’s the fast way (thanks wtGp) – simply hold down the PS button (the one with the blue light) when not in a lock screen, until you see this:

There, just adjust the brightness and then hit the PS button or the X to return to your game. Lowering the brightness will certainly improve your battery life, so is recommended for long trips or if you aren’t near a charger.

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