How To Check the Vita’s Battery Percentage With a PC

Strangely, the Vita doesn’t tell you its battery percentage and only a rough level like on the image above. But if you need to know whether you should charge your Vita and are near a PC, here’s how to find out the exact percentage. Also, if you’ve had battery related issues, use this tip to check up on the battery levels.

All you have to do is plug your Vita to your PC and wait for it to popup in your “My Computer” section if you have Windows. Then, right click on the Vita image and left click properties. Ignore the Content Manager Assistant for this procedure.

At this point, the properties box should pop up and show you your firmware version, Serial number and, crucially, the battery % level:

If that level seems to be dropping at an unusually fast rate, there might be something wrong with your Vita’s battery.

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