Get The Fuka & Desco Show in Disgaea 4 DLC This May, Full Release Schedule Revealed

Nippon Ichi’s flagship series Disgaea is known in Japan as “The million-hour level-up RPG” for good reason: its staggering amount of content. Be that as it may, NIS America has now released a new trailer for a rather large downloadable update to its most recent PS3 entry, Disgaea 4.

Costing $20, the four-episode Fuka & Desco Show is coming May 8th to North America and isn’t yet announced for PAL regions. The update is rather big and was released in Japan as a disc-based expansion pack in retail stores (we don’t download things here). Other updates include a pile of additional characters from all around the NIS game library, new maps, and all the other usual DLC trinkets you’d expect. Check the full DLC schedule for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten at this link and if you like tactical RPGs, give Cameron’s review a look.

Here’s the trailer:


For the curious, this was the cover art for the DLC in Japan: