Activision Talks Future of Elite Integration, “We’re Making Elite and the Game Synonymous”

Activision’s subscription-based service for Call of Duty is getting a complete makeover just in time for the launch of the next major installment as the publisher has confirmed that better integration with the service will be essential going forward.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Activision producer Noah Heller assured the outlet that big things are in store for gamers with “what we’re thinking for this year’s coming game”, which they have appropriately codenamed Elite 2.0.

All we’re really saying about it at this point is integration is the word of the day. It needs to be in the game. It needs to be tightly wrapped with game features. And that’s our focal point.

We’ll be back at some point to talk about that game, and when we do, we’ll reveal a lot more.

Long term, we’re making Elite and the game synonymous. If you want to play solo or single-player, you might never notice Elite. But the moment you dip your toe into multiplayer, you’re part of Elite. It’s just up to you whether you take full advantage of the features or not.

We already know that another Call of Duty is scheduled to release later this year, and while Activision has yet to confirm the game’s title, all signs point to Black Ops 2. It will be very interesting to see how the publisher plans to mesh the two going forward, especially considering the financial profit they’re currently making by charging users a subscription fee.