Ubisoft Details the Disturbed Dr. Earnhardt in First Far Cry 3 Gameplay Trailer

In order to gear up for the upcoming release of their highly anticipated island-based FPS Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has launched the first official gameplay trailer for the title, dubbed Dr. Earnhardt.

As the title implies, the trailer focuses on the character Dr. Earnhardt, a “pharmacist” who has access to a wide array of drugs that will likely play a major part in the game’s plot and mechanics. What will immediately stand out to you as you watch the video is the game’s vibrant color palette (which is absolutely gorgeous by the way) with vibrant blues and greens bursting from the game’s lush environments.

Additionally, the trailer has been cut expertly, splicing together various tidbits of gameplay goodness that serve to tease what’s coming while keeping some of the mystery alive. Was that hang-gliding I saw?

Check it out below:

The game is still a little ways off, with a September 4th release schedule for North America. In an effort to pass the time, be sure to let us know what you think of this new title from Ubisoft in the comments below.