DualShock & Awe #4 – Could the PS3.5 be like the Apple TV?

The three amigos (Josh, Cam, and Eric) are back this week and ready to dive into the future. With all this talk about the next PlayStation and the next Xbox, it got us wondering if our view of the future of gaming was all wrong. Could it be that the next PlayStation is going to be something along the lines of the Apple TV, with it being a disc-less device used mainly for PSN games and Netflix? Also, if Microsoft goes ahead and splits up their hardware into gaming and casual, how will it affect PlayStation? All this and more in the latest episode.

This week, we also lament the news that Resident Evil 6 will continue the trend of being a heavily action oriented game – all we want is the more survival/horror based gameplay that we saw in Resident Evil 2 and more recent games like Dead Space.

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