Jaffe Praises God of War: Ascension, “Another Great, Impeccably Executed Sony Santa Monica Game”

May 4, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

David Jaffe, the brilliant mind behind the God of War series has already seen a bit of God of War: Ascension is incredibly impressed with the work that Sony Santa Monica is doing, and doesn’t worry that Ascension‘s multiplayer will complicate things.

Speaking to IGN, Jaffe expressed his faith in the studio to once again deliver a satisfying experience that lives up to the God of War pedigree, saying, “I think it looks cool. It looks like another great, impeccably executed Sony Santa Monica game.”

He then went on to address the game’s multiplayer mode, something that has definitely been a polarizing topic among PlayStation gamers. As one would expect, Jaffe made it clear that he believes the team will be able to pull it off, and that loyal fans should trust that Santa Monica knows what they’re doing.

Sony Santa Monica, and certainly that team, really hasn’t done anything ever to let people down as game developers.

If it turns out to be the case that the single player is watered down because of it, then I think they have some justification. But I don’t see any evidence of that, and I don’t see evidence of that based on the team they are.

Interestingly, he also discussed his own “half-baked” ideas for multiplayer that he came up with when contemplating whether he should co-direct III:

It was more of the story. Going through the adventure — either a separate adventure or the same adventure with sort of a different piece of fiction to explain it with co-op.


There were moments where I was being a total idiot, and it was a Red Sonja version of Kratos. It was kind of like a hyper-violent, screwball comedy where they hated each other but they had to work together — which is totally stupid.

Be sure to read our hands-on preview of Ascension’s multiplayer to find out what we thought of the game’s new mode.