First Developer Diary For Papo & Yo Released

May 8, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

The first developer diary video for upcoming PSN (PS3) title Papo & Yo has been released.

On the PS Blog, Creative Director for Minority Vander Caballero has released the first developer diary for his upcoming PSN exclusive, Papo & Yo. In the video, which contains gameplay footage of the game, Caballero speaks about: making a prototype, trying to draw on the user’s memories of their childhood in gameplay (especially with utilization of boxes in puzzles), interacting with Monster, and mentions again how Monster is reminiscent of his father. Caballero also says that the game is the story of his rise from his troubles, in addition to the journey that he went through. He hopes that people can find joy in the game that he’s created.

To view the developer diary, click on the video below:

To read PSLS’ interview with Caballero from 2011, click here.

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