Sucker Punch’s Next Game to be an Action Title, Have Combat and Multiplayer

With E3 kicking off tomorrow, we might find out what Sucker Punch’s next big PS3 title is at Sony’s conference. In the meantime, we’ve uncovered some details about the project.

Over on Sucker Punch’s website, the developer states that they plan to create “visually arresting, emotionally compelling, viscerally involving” titles. The job listings for the “Lead Mission Designer” and “Senior Level/Mission Designer” both ask for experience with action titles:

3-6 years as a mission designer on top-notch action titles

The job listing for a “Senior Game Designer” adds that candidates should have experience with combat mechanics as well as multiplayer tuning:

A range of design experience — mission scripting, combat mechanics, investment systems, multiplayer tuning, enemy design, etc.

The mention of multiplayer is particularly interesting, with inFamous never having had multiplayer gameplay.

As inFamous: Festival of Blood only released last October, it might still be too soon to see Sucker Punch’s game at E3, but be sure to come back to PSLS tomorrow to find out whether the developer makes a showing.