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Crystal Dynamics Unveils E3 Behind Closed Doors Footage of Tomb Raider

June 22, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

If you’ve been dying to see more of Tomb Raider ever since our E3 preview went live last week, you’re in luck, as Crystal Dynamics has just released footage of its behind closed doors demo.

As part of the lastest episode of GTTV, we get a detailed look at all-new footage of the game, taking place immediately following last year’s onstage E3 demonstration. Watch below, as Crystal Dynamics studio head Darrell Gallagher walks you through a detailed explanation of what is in store for Lara when their Tomb Raider reboot launches next year.

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We here at PlayStation LifeStyle were incredibly impressed with what we’ve seen of the game thus far, awarding it with one of our coveted Best of E3 2012 awards, but we want to hear from you, so be sure to sound off in the comments below, letting us know how you think Lara’s origin story is shaping up.