Rumor: God of War Saga Collection Coming to PS3 Next Month

If waiting until March of next year for God of War: Ascension feels too difficult to bear, it looks like Sony may be throwing together yet another Kratos-centric collection to tide you over until the prequel’s release.

According to sources close to Siliconera, a new God of War compilation will be coming later this year; in fact, it may be here sooner than you think. According to the retailer that tipped them off, the game is set to arrive next month and will be called God of War Saga Collection. 

Gamers were graced with God of War Origins Collection and God of War Collection in years past, but this one appears to be even more epic. While there are no details regarding the contents of Saga Collection, one could reasonably assume that it comes packed with every game from the prior collections in addition to God of War III.

After all, it would certainly be a great way to help gamers get caught up in time for Ascension’s release on March 12th.