Sony on the Future of PlayStation: We’re Entering “the Big Bad World Where There are no Rules”

Jim Ryan, the head of Sony’s PlayStation Europe division shared the company’s vision for the future, saying that they are expanding their reach while maintaining a high level of quality across all platforms.

With regards to the surge in mobile gaming, Ryan brought to light the fact that Sony is well aware that “there are obviously lots of people, whether it is on a tablet or a smartphone, playing games. Sorts of people who a number of years ago were simply not doing that.”

As such, Ryan explained that Sony wants to tap into that market and expand the PlayStation experience, telling MCV:

We see it a real opportunity to take that constituency and offer them a PlayStation experience, whether that is with an emulated virtual dual shock, or whether it is the use of PSN functionality, which will come in the future.

We think there is a great opportunity to offer consumers a place where they will be assured of a certain level of quality of android game presented with a gaming format that is similar to what they’ve experienced in the past.

There’s no doubt that this is the direction in which mobile gaming is headed, so it’s wise that Sony is deciding to jump in feet first sooner rather than later.

“This is new ground for us. It didn’t seem it at the time but these walled gardens are actually nice, cosy places, and we are now going out into the big bad world where there are no rules. We are trying to set those rules,” Ryan said in conclusion.