Bad Gamers: Ep 2 – Finding a Gamer Girl

Dan Oravasaari and Sebastian Moss from the Daily Reaction crew are back with Episode 2 of the Bad Gamers Podcast. This time we bring you the ultimate pickup lines to find a gamer girl, a renegade Apple Genius, and Seb tries to pitch his own show after getting his first taste of fame.

Also on this week’s show we give away another prize, as well as Dan’s name gets placed on the chopping block. So make sure to listen, and see just how quickly the show goes off the rails.

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You can always find Seb and Dan on Twitter, as well reach us in the comments below for the first few days the podcast is up. Although if you are joining us late or just want to send us a message please send comments, suggestions, questions, or your own pickup lines to [email protected]