Watch Zdeno Chara Check Sidney Crosby Into The Stands With NHL 13

When NHL 13 launched in September as perhaps the only hockey we’ll experience this year, a lot of people noticed that there was a glitch where you could launch a player into the stands with a properly placed check. Well, EA has released a brand new video that actually proves that this ‘glitch’ was something they originally planned within the game.

During the development (and totally not made a couple days ago), they did a mo-cap session which shows them performing what they call the Hercules Check. This involves having someone hip check a dummy into a piece of plywood.

So, enjoy the video which shows the 6’9″ Zdeno Chara hitting the 5’9″ Sidney Crosby into the stands, then having a member of the development team tell us how they wanted to create the most ‘authentic hockey experience’ possible.

Are there any other funny glitches you’ve noticed in your time with NHL 13? Let us know in the comments below.