GameStop Lists March Release for Grand Theft Auto V

Evidence continues to mount in favor of a late winter, early spring release for Grand Theft Auto V.

According to a listing by GameStop on their online store, Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated sequel is set to arrive on March 1st, which, mind you, is likely a placeholder. Nevertheless, at the very least it gives us an idea of when retailers are expecting the game—not that it comes as much of a surprise anyway. Interestingly, GTA is also set to be next month’s GameInformer cover, suggesting they are ramping up coverage ahead of an announcement.

OXM first spotted the listing, and VG247 managed to capture a screenshot of the post before GameStop changed the release date to TBA.

When do you think Grand Theft Auto V will finally hit retailers? Does March seem like an accurate window, or would April/May be a more likely option? Let us know in the comments below.

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