Resistance: Burning Skies Patch 1.02 Is Now Downloadable On PS Vita, Adds Left Handed Controls

Even with Call  of Duty: Black Ops Declassified coming out next month, Nihilistic is still hard at work on fixing issues with Resistance: Burning Skies.

Patch version 1.02 is now available to download from the Live Area on your PlayStation Vita and it brings along with it the following changes for a total size of 19MB:

  • Adjusted the power of the MULE in Multiplayer
  • Added Sound effect for enemy melee attacks in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug with Mauler Sound Effects
  • Various bug fixes to improve the multiplayer game connection process
  • Launching into a Multiplayer game from Part now bypasses several screens for a quicker start
  • Stat reporting to enable
  • Improved kill tracking in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug that caused Map Vote details to not be received by some players
  • Fixed some bugs with Match Bonus score
  • Added left handed controls option

If you’ve already downloaded the brand new patch, let us know what you think of it in the comments below.