More DLC Character Classes Confirmed For Borderlands 2

Borderlands fans love the diversity in skills and abilities that are offered to them via the different classes in the Borderlands games – whether a player chooses a class simply because they relate to the style of gameplay, or whether they want to stand unique among their friends, variety is an absolute blessing.

The Mechromancer or ‘girlfriend class‘ was Gearbox’s first foray into downloadable post-launch character content, and the company previously stated that future character class DLC was dependent on its success. Well, either ‘Gaige’ the Mechromancer sold well, or Gearbox hasn’t given up, because Gearbox President Randy Pitchford has confirmed new characters are in the works for Borderlands 2, saying on Twitter:

And there you have it! Confirmation of an upcoming character class, (or more) straight from the horse’s informal online social networking account. What type of class would you like to see added to Borderlands 2?