PS3 Worldwide Sales have Reached 70 Million, 15 Million Move Controllers Sold

The PlayStation 3 released November 11th 2006, and now, Sony has announced that PS3 sales hit sales of 70 million units on November 4th – just under 6 years.

To put some perspective on this – the PS3’s predecessor, the PlayStation 2, sold 100 million units in a similar time-frame. The Xbox 360, meanwhile, hit the 70 million mark in September of this year, despite launching a year before the PlayStation 3 without having to contend with the immediate breakout success of the Wii, which released just over a week after the PS3’s debut.

Sony also announced that they’ve sold 15 million PlayStation Move controllers, whereas Microsoft by contrast has sold over 20 million Kinect cameras. The PlayStation Move figure is murky of course, as many if not most Move wielders have purchased multiple motion controllers.

At this rate, do you expect the PlayStation 3 to surpass the Xbox 36o before the next generation hits? Anyone want to take a stab at guessing the amount of actual Move owners? Let us know in the comments.