Dead Space 3 Demo Gets Dated, Hits the PSN in Just Under a Month

Arriving two weeks before the February 5th North American release date and 17 days before the February 8th European release date, the Dead Space 3 demo will come to the PlayStation Network on January 22nd, 2013.

With such a big co-op push in the new sequel, the Dead Space 3 demo will feature both Isaac Clarke and newbie Sergeant John Carter as they crash land on Tau Volantis, an ice planet filled with Necromorphs. They didn’t detail how long the demo would be or what weapons you’ll have access to, but you should get a good idea of whether or not co-op helps or hurts the Dead Space experience.

In case you haven’t played either of the past two Dead Space games (you really should!), or want a reminder of what happened before Dead Space 3 comes out, check out this handy recap video below:

[springboard type=”video” id=”630921″ player=”play020″ width=”555″ height=”335″ ]

Will the Dead Space 3 demo be taking up some space on your PS3 hard drive next month? Let us know in the comments below.

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