Ninja Theory Warns Gamers about Fraudulent Devil May Cry Reviews

Some gamers may have certain expectations in regards to the quality (or lack thereof), of the new Devil May Cry title. But that’s no excuse to fraudulently post a review, in which you defame the game based on expectations and made up assumptions.

According to Ninja Theory’s Twitter account, faux DmC reviews are currently in the wild:

The whole point of a review is to give you an informed opinion about a game – you may disagree with the opinion, but at least it should be informed. A review is supposed to help you determine whether a specific title is worth your time and money.

So, how do you properly distinguish a fake review from a legitimate review? Well, unfortunately there generally aren’t any solid ways to do so, other than trying to judge the legitimacy of a website. In this case, the embargo for online website reviews of DmC is still up, so any online reviews published now are highly questionable.

Would you like to start reading pretend-reviews from PlayStation LifeStyle? I haven’t actually played Duke Nukem: Forever, but, Duke’s chiseled chest, and the inappropriate humor are right up my alley – that’s worth a 10/10, isn’t it?


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