The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Out on March 26th in North America, 29th in Europe – Check out the Official Box Art

Even though we’ve still yet to see any official trailer for Activision and Terminal Reality’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, the release date has been confirmed for March 26th in North America and March 29th in Europe. This date places it right before the third season finale of The Walking Dead TV show, which airs on March 31st, so expect to see tons of ads for Survival Instinct during the commercials.

With that unofficial video that popped up on the internet, Glenn Gamble of Terminal Reality, talked to Digital Spy about its validity and how the game looks now:

Essentially it was old footage, it was yes, from The Walking Dead and it was from another interview I had done, but the game’s in development

It’s going to continue to get better. You saw the graphics [at a press event in London], I know that was a big deal, you saw them, they looked a hundred times better than what they did.

A game is constantly in development, time is the ultimate enemy of any game. If we had huge budgets and four years to run, games would look a lot better and visually more stunning. Sometimes you have to show what you got to get people interested and get the ball rolling.

To go along with this, Amazon has revealed the official box art for the game (Xbox 360 only at this point), which you can see below:

With the game out in just over two months, hopefully we get a proper gameplay trailer soon, so stay tuned to PSLS for all future news regarding The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

What do you think of this release date? Do you like the box art? Let us know in the comments below.