All Skyrim DLC Dated in North America, Dragonborn is First on February 12th

Just days after passing certification in North America, Bethesda has announced the release dates for all of the Skyrim DLC.

Dragonborn will kick things off on February 12th, with Hearthfire showing up a week later on February 19th, and Dawnguard bringing up the rear on February 26th. Though the release for patch 1.08 of Skyrim wasn’t announced, you can expect it either on or just before February 12th.

With Bethesda offering 50% off each piece of content for their first week on the PSN, expect to spend $10 on Dragonborn from February 12th – 19th, Hearthfire for $2.50 between February 19th – 26th, and $10 again for Dawnguard February 26th – March 5th.

Nothing was revealed for Europe yet, though those dates should be coming along soon as they are close to passing certification.

Now that the DLC is dated, are you going to be buying it? Let us know in the comments below.


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