February 2013 Game of the Month – Dead Space 3

Perusing our March 2013 new release date page shows you that this month is going to have quite a few contenders for Game of the Month in 30 days, but before we can start thinking about that, we have to crown our February 2013 Game of the Month, with the honor going to Dead Space 3.

Before Chandler’s eyes were treated to something very similar to the eye-poke scene in Dead Space 2 (okay, maybe not that bad), he checked out Isaac Clarke’s latest adventure, giving it a 9 out of 10.

Check out some of his comments to see why Dead Space 3 took home our GOTM:

“The story is arguably the biggest of the trilogy. From Isaac’s newly acquired ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude, to the deep and rich history of the Sovereign Colonies and Tau Volantis, to the expendable cast of characters that take part in the mission to Tau Volantis. The story is fairly straightforward but is not so cliche that I wasn’t satisfied once the credits rolled. On the contrary, I felt that the game was very naturally paced and had all the right beats in all the right place, however it is a very impersonal story about the bigger picture of the infection. This style of story works because focusing on Isaac’s internal mysteries would have felt redundant to the last two games and things have moved on to a much grander scale.”

“Veterans of Dead Space will be able to jump in without any sort of learning curve and new players will have no problem picking it up. The controls feel completely natural and the additional action elements that have been added do little to take away from the Dead Space feel. The rolling and crouching moves never need to be used. I played through the game twice while hardly ever using them myself.”

“It’s great fun to step back into Isaac’s rig for all of the dismembering, tense edge-of-your-seat moments, and jumpy scares, as well as teaming up in co-op, without many things detracting from the overall fun factor of the game. The solo campaign on normal difficulty ran me in excess of 15 hours and the co-op missions added a couple of hours onto that, so the variety of New Game + options for replayability will ensure that you’ll be dismembering Necromorph limbs for a long time. I have already put over 25 hours into the game and had a hard time putting it down to actually write this review. Now I can finally get back to it.”

What was your February 2013 Game of the Month? What do you think our March 2013 Game of the Month will be? Let us know in the comments below.