Game Informer Teases That “Vita Might Have a Surprisingly Big Show at E3”

So far for E3 2013, we know that Sony’s press conference is scheduled for June 10th, with Shahid Ahmad saying that “nobody has forgotten about the Vita” and “I’m sure you will enjoy the show.”

Those two pieces of information come direct from Sony and a Sony employee, but Andrew Reiner, Executive Editor at Game Informer, recently tweeted that it “sounds like Vita might have a surprisingly big show at E3.” He then added that what he meant by “big” was “a fair number of games that I want to check out” and that he is “really looking forward to playing [Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate] on it.” Game Informer is well known for its unusually close relationship with publishers, and often works as a PR-device of sorts teasing games.

PSLS will be out in full force (with possibly a special edition of Morning Wood) at E3 2013, so if the PlayStation Vita does have a big showing, you can expect us to cover everything.

What do you think would make a big showing for the PlayStation Vita at E3? Let us know in the comments below.

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