The Catch-Up: June 3rd, 2013 – Red Storm PS4/Xbox One Title, Injustice: Gods Among Us for $10 Tomorrow, The Walking Dead Season 2 Tease

As if we didn’t expect it, this Monday edition of The Catch-Up is filled with lots of news that we didn’t get a chance to cover separately on PlayStation LifeStyle:

General News

  • Brian Spencer, Senior Character Artist at Red Storm Entertainment, lists Rainbow 6: Patriots on PS3 as one of his current projects, with the other an unannounced PS4/Xbox One title. [Via/Source]
  • Beyond: Two Souls is now confirmed for an October 11th release date in Europe, just three days after North America gets it on October 8th. [Source]
  • The official Battlefield Twitter account let it be known that they “love the Bad Company series, but don’t have it in active development. Battlefield 4 is our main focus for the year.”
  • Hopefully you work near a computer because is putting Injustice: Gods Among Us on sale for $9.99 between 12PM and 1PM CST tomorrow, June 4th. Bookmark this page and hope that you’re quick enough to snag a copy, which could be tough, since there are limited quantities. [Via/Source]
  • Ripstone Games (Men’s Room Mayhem) is going to be announcing something this week, which will be at E3. [Twitter]
  • There was an attack against CCP Games over the weekend, affecting EVE Online and DUST 514 play. The issues have been identified, with CCP stressing that “at no time was customer data compromised or accessible in any way.” [Source]
  • TellTale Games post this Vine teaser today, seemingly teasing Season 2 of The Walking Dead, with the caption ‘Day 2’ along with it.
  • Harmonix will be announcing a new game tomorrow that isn’t Rock Band or Dance Central. We’ll let you know all about it, provided it has something to do with PlayStation. [Twitter]
  • Submit a cape design for God of War: Ascension to Sony Santa Monica by June 10th and you’ll be entered for a chance to have it featured in the game. [Full Details]
  • Deus Ex was already featured on PSLS today as being a new addition to the Instant Game Collection in North America starting tomorrow, but the Eidos Montreal Twitter account sent out a tweet that read “Are YOU ready for The Fall?” Then shortly after, “Who is Ben Saxon? #DeusEx.” These seem to be teases for Deus Ex: The Fallwhich we may see as part of E3 next week.
  • Velocity Ultra patch 1.01 is out now, fixing the Platinum trophy issue and changing a couple other aspects in the process. [Source]

New Video

  • Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion is confirmed as the next DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us, with a Martian Manhunter tease right at the end (who might be announced this week), and Ed Boon basically saying on Twitter that we should expect more than the 4 DLC characters housed within the Season Pass:

Are you excited about possibly seeing a new Deus Ex or Season 2 of The Walking Dead soon? Let us know in the comments below.