Destiny The Taken King Hunter Nightstalker

Trade-In Destiny to GameStop for $20 Towards Destiny: The Taken King

It’s goes towards the Legendary Edition.


Dishonored Definitive Edition Delivers a “Clear Upgrade” Over PS3/360 Versions, Says Analysis

But it remains mostly in line with the PC version running at maximum settings.


Street Fighter V Roster to Have Four Brand New Characters in Total

16 in total and yes, there will be DLC characters.


Assault Android Cactus Pushed to Q1 2016 on PS4 & PS Vita, New Modes Detailed

PC version is the only one launching this year.


Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer Explains REP and the Five Ways to Play

Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw are the ways to play.

Mad Max_20150903021133

Mad Max Review – Enter the Wasteland (PS4)

Grab your shotgun and get ready for some action.


SOMA Trailer Shows the Environments, Developer Talks About How Scary the Game Is

We’re just a few weeks away from launch.


Fallout 4 Voice Recording Complete, Features More Lines Than Fallout 3 and Skyrim Combined

How many lines of dialogue does the dog get?


Rocket League Update 1.05 Out This Month, Adds ‘Find New Match’ Option to Ranked & More

You’ll be able to cycle through the game’s music in the menu screens.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Update Today on PS4, PS3 & PC Adds Reckoning DLC Support

PS3 and PC versions also get last week’s update today.


15 PS4 Open World Games You Need to Play

It is fun to explore!


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Servers Undergoing Maintenance on PS4, PS3

“We sincerely apologize for the current difficulties in connecting to online features.”


Naughty Dog Explains Why They’re Making Uncharted 4 Story DLC

Naughty Dog didn’t want to leave behind story DLC after The Last of Us.


Final Fantasy X HD Update on PS4 Fixes Music and Random Generation Issues

Is just a 30MB download.


New Mortal Kombat X DLC Confirmed for 2016, Will Include Fighters and Skins

NetherRealm is also developing a new environment.


PSA: Destiny Offline for Maintenance Today (Update)

Should last for six hours.


PS3 Update 4.76 Released Today

You’ll never guess what it does.


Check Out Both Games in Konami’s TGS Lineup

No no, don’t reach for your reading glasses. This won’t take long.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Posts Login Bonuses and Maintenance Schedule

And, earn 2.5 times the amount of PF Points until the end of the month!


PlayStation 4’s North American PS Store Got a New Layout

Looks good!