PS4 Version of Kingdom Hearts II Fixed in Latest Patch

There are no more issues under the sea.

Yokus island express e3 2017 2

E3 2017 – Yoku’s Island Express Preview – Pinball Wizard (PS4)

Mixes pinball mechanics with a Metroidvania style.


PlayStation US Boss Says Sony Won’t Follow Path of Smartphones, PlayStation 5 Will Exist

Shawn Layden says it’ll “probably be some time” until the PlayStation 5 happens.


New Nex Machina Update Available Now, Fixes Crashes

Plus a snippet from the studio’s documentary about the development cycle.

E3 2017 – Matterfall Hands-On Preview – Multitasking Twin-Stick Action (PS4)

Your thumbs are about to be very busy.

Destiny Xur 555x328

Destiny Xur Location and Items for June 23-25, 2017 Listed

Xur is here!

E3 2017 – Past Cure Preview – Psychotherapy Needed (PS4)

Time to delve into the mind of a telekinetic soldier.

Genesis Alpha One E3 2017 4

E3 2017 – Genesis Alpha One Preview – I Want to Build a Spaceship (PS4)

The ultimate space survival FPS roguelike ship builder.

middle earth shadow of war e3 2017 3

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces WB Games New York

Not what you expected.


Rumor: Hero of Visceral Star Wars Game is Named Dodger, Story Details Shared

That’s a lot of info.


Overwatch Loot Box Duplicates Getting Drastically Reduced

The best update ever.


Battleborn “Supercharge” Multiplayer Mode Announced

Yes, free trial players can get in the action, too.

Hellblade 14

Hellblade Trailer Gives Us a Frightening Sneak Peek of Hela

She really is frightening.

Project Cars 2 02

Project Cars 2 Won’t Run at 4K or 60 Frames Per Second on Consoles

Not even on the Xbox One X.

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog: “Everybody’s Rolling Onto The Last of Us Part II” After The Lost Legacy Is Done

You only play as Chloe in The Lost Legacy.

WRC 7 E3 2017 2

E3 2017 – WRC 7 Preview – Arcadey Realism (PS4)

Graphically impressive with great track atmosphere.


Here’s the First Beyond Good & Evil 2 In-Engine Demo

Get an early look at what Ancel and his team is doing.