Sony: PS4 #NoDRM “Was Always our Plan”, Have Been “Walking Around With Smiles All Day” Due to Xbox One Price

We all know how much everyone hated the Xbox One restrictions, and how much everyone loved the the no extra DRM restrictions announcement, but Sony has revealed that the DRM decision wasn’t due to the anger people expressed over the One.

Sony VP of Worldwide Studios Scott Rohde told Polygon:

I literally have goosebumps right now, because that was always our plan. It’s something that we believe in. We know gamers come first; we know what they want. I was personally overwhelmed with the massive explosion on Twitter, with everyone essentially begging, ‘Please don’t do this Sony, please don’t do this PlayStation!’ It was so hard not to say, right away, ‘Well, we never were going to do that, but now let’s have a little fun and announce it in a fun way at the PlayStation press conference.’


Could not believe how much the roof came down with that applause. It was awesome.

As for the fact that the console is $100 cheaper than the $499 Xbox One, he said:

I mean, that was such an amazing message. We kind of had a feeling; we kind of knew we were gonna land a little bit cheaper than those green guys. When it was verified this morning, we’ve just been walking around with smiles all day.

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