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PlanetSide 2 on PS4 to Look Like PC on Max Settings, Vita Remote Play Supported

PlanetSide 2 has received rave reviews so far for the PC version, but the 2,000 player shooter requires a pretty powerful rig to perform adequately. Thankfully, when the game comes out on PS4 it won’t simply run adequately, it’ll look like a PC running on max settings.

Executive producer Clint Worley and senior art director Tramell Isaac revealed the news to GameInformer, adding that the game will support remote play on the Vita – while Sony has said that every PS4 game would get it, many wondered if the online only aspect would cause too much lag, meaning that online segments of games wouldn’t be supported.

Updates to the PS4 game will be simultaneous with the PC updates, with new content every two to four weeks. However, PS4 and PC servers will be segregated. The game is free, offering cosmetic upgrades and short-term boosts for money that don’t affect the balance of pay. It also doesn’t require a PS+ subscription like most PS4 games to play online.

The game currently has 4.5 million players on PC, with plans to come to territories like Russia, China and Brazil later this year along with, of course, the PS4 version.

While you wait for this holiday to finally arrive, here’s a PC trailer to detail the game’s factions: