The Catch-Up: June 18th, 2013 – Gamefly June Used Games Sale, Ken Levine Writing a Logan’s Run Screenplay, David Hayter Trolls MGS V

Gone for E3 but finally back, The Catch-Up is here yet again to bring you up to speed with all the news we didn’t have a chance to cover today on PSLS, as well as a few things from days prior.

General News

  • Gamefly is holding their monthly used game blowout sale, putting used copies of Assassin’s Creed III, DishonoredResident Evil 6, and many more to under $20. [Full List of Deals]
  • In the UK, The Last of Us managed to sell 5 times the amount of the first Uncharted in its first week, more than Uncharted 2, but less than Uncharted 3, which released prior to the usual Friday UK launch date. We’ll have to wait until early July for US retail sales chart, but it’s a no-brainer that The Last of Us will be in first. [Source]
  • Thanks to Major Nelson posting the new downloadable titles next week, and us confirming it with Ubisoft, Spartacus Legends, the F2P title, is coming out on the PSN this Tuesday. We also reached out to Wizards of the Coast about whether Magic 2014 is out on Tuesday, but we haven’t heard back yet. [June 2013 Releases]
  • Wanting to show the world exactly how good looking he is, our very own Anthony Severino updated his picture within the very popular ‘40 Hottest Men in GamesDaily Reaction.
  • Starting on Thursday, you’ll be able to download a free trial for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC. And then you’ll be hooked! [Twitter]
  • The Nicalis Twitter account seems to suggest that 1001 Spikes, which was previously confirmed for Vita, is also coming to the PS4. [Check Out Their Official Website for Some Fun]
  • North America may not have been included in this (we can guess it’ll be out around the same time though), but The Witch and the Hundred Knights from NIS is out in Europe Spring 2014 on PS3. [Source]
  • In movie news, Dolphin Tale 2 is being made Ken Levine, Mr. BioShock, will be writing the screenplay for a remake of Logan’s Run. Hopefully this news means that the BioShock Infinite DLC packs we’ve been expecting for what seems like forever are nearing completion. [Source]
  • When it comes to Max from the new Mad Max having an American accent, as opposed to an Australian one, Avalanche Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Christofer Sundberg, said they’re treating “this as a completely new property.” Continuing by saying, “The setting – where it is in the world – has really nothing to do with the Mad Max video game. It’s really a game to do with the relationships between different people in this world.” [Source]
  • Regarding the PS4’s $399/€399/£349 price tag, Hideo Kojima, Mr. Metal Gear Solid, said that “the PS4 is cheaper than I thought,” a happy thought shared by many people around the world. [Source/Translation]
  • Yanick Roy, Studio Director at BioWare Montreal, sent out a picture of the next Mass Effect’s Design Document, while also addressing concerns that the game is a long way off:


  • David Hayter pulled off a perfect troll on Twitter last week:

New Videos

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara released on the PSN earlier today, with Capcom bringing out a launch trailer:

  • Want over 3 minutes of Killer is Dead video?

Are you suddenly interested in the Logan’s Run remake, knowing Ken Levine is attached? Let us know in the comments below.